Novembro de 2017

Exhibition "When the sea became Rio" - Curated together with studio M'Baraká

The exhibition was inspired by the curious historical fact that the portuguese explorers had mistaken the guanabara bay with a river, naming a city that is internationally known for its beaches and bay life style, as Rio (river in portuguese).

Assembled at the National Historical Museum in Rio de Janeiro, it presents the relation of Rio's citizens (Cariocas) with the sea and the beach. Starting at the city's "discovery",
it explores the myths of the Atlantic, the amazing portuguese navigation technologies, and the native population devastation. The narrative follows through the story of the beginning of sea baths as health treatments on the late 18th century and it also portrays the contemporary Rio, when the beach extrapolates its geographical boundaries becoming part of the city's identity.

Experiencing a diverse route of history and putting together different times and techniques, contemporary artists are exposed along with important artworks from the collection of the National Historical Museum and other public and private collections.